Pronounced: “ree-li-tor”. A real estate agent or (even worse) a real estate broker who uses this “word” cannot pronounce the name of their own profession – SAD! Beware of these people! Makes a person wonder if they know the difference between a Ranch and a Two Story!

You will not find any “Ree-li-tors” at Realty Dynamics – we just don’t have any! Realty Dynamics is a “Ree-li-tor” free zone! Oh, and by the way, there is no such thing as “Ree-li-ty” either. Whatever it is underneath your feet, there’s one thing for sure – it ain’t “ree-li-ty”! We’re just “Ree-al-tors” in the “Ree-al-tee” business and we call ourselves “Ree-al-tee Dynamics”.

End of discussion

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