Ranch style homes became popular in Wisconsin after World War II. Originally most Ranch homes were small 2 bedroom dwellings with low pitched gable roofs and were usually less than 1,000 square feet. This style is common in neighborhoods built between the late 1940s and the early 1960s.

By the mid-1960s Ranches had grown to usually include 3 bedrooms and low pitched hip roofs with wide soffits. The average minimum size had increased to around 1,200 square feet. One car attached garages became more common also, but curiously, in the earliest homes there was often no door between the inside of the home and the garage. It didn’t take long though for home builders to add this feature and more and more homes also now included an additional half bath.

By the 1970s Ranch homes had grown up. Attached garages now accommodated 2 cars and included extra space. Homes often had two full baths or more, and buyers now wanted a family room. Room sizes had become larger and low pitched gable roofs became more common again. Homes usually were at least 1,500 square feet or more.

By 2000 Ranch homes in Wisconsin now were being built with higher pitched roofs sometimes including front facing gables. In fact roof pitches on some newer Ranch style models were so steep (even included false gable dormers at times) that they mimic the look of a Cape Cod. Sizes had grown to 1,800 square feet or more, master bedroom suites were common and 3 car attached garages were also more prevalent.

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