When not sure what style a home is, many people just call it a Colonial. Google ‘Colonial’ and check out the images. You’ll find Federal, Georgian, Antebellum, Greek Revival, Flemish, Neoclassical, Vernacular, Eclectic and even a few Colonials!

Technically speaking colonial style homes were those built in America when it was a colony. For the most part they were practical unadorned homes and most often two stories. In Wisconsin most Colonials were built after World War II. It’s no surprise that older Colonials are smaller while newer ones are larger. Colonials are characterized by their simple unadorned appearance. They are often asymmetrical and have a gable roof with the ridge running parallel to the front. The only common detail is shutters. Many of those built before 2000 are actually Garrison Colonials, where the second floor hangs over the first at the front.

In recent years Colonial homes have become more stylized. While retaining generally the same building envelope, newer homes have moderately pitched roofs, often include one or more front facing gables, a front porch and sometimes a bay or box window as well. Also: Garrison Colonial Style Home

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