Program Details for Senior Real Estate Professionals

It’s no secret that Realty Dynamics is serious about long term growth. We’ve put together an exclusive program for senior real estate professionals who have enjoyed long term success in our industry and have come to a point in their career where its time to consider semi-retirement or even full retirement options.

We are offering a program that is sensitive to your changing career interests and life style needs in exchange for the value of having reputable people well known in the industry join our growing company. The benefit to us is obvious:

… People Follow People Who Are Successful

Here Are Just A Few of the Benefits For You:

1) Freedom to work as much or as little as you’d like without concern about high monthly fees that require your full time continuing work effort!
2) Freedom to offer services and pricing that make sense for you and your clients!
3) Freedom from meetings and other mandatory activities!
4) Opportunity to continue to benefit from the reputation you have earned and the client base you’ve built during your career!
5) A Professional Full Service Platform to continue to send out your message consistent with the reputation that you worked hard to build!
6) Your Own Feature Rich and Information Packed Website! From here forward tell your story, not your brokers. Offer your clients top notch web resources – all “wrapped around YOU!”

Our program is simple –

You can retain from 80% all the way up to 98% of your gross commissions!
We call it our “Bring Down the House” Program

Your monthly fee can be as little as $65 for an 80% program and ranging to only $350 a month for a 98% package! Your monthly fee includes your MLS access and E&O insurance. Your only other fee is a $100 transaction charge at every closing. We’re focused on earning income with you not from you!

You can earn a $200 value for every transaction completed by people you’ve recruited to join Realty Dynamics in their 1st year and you can earn a $100 value indefinitely into the future for each recruit’s completed transaction for as long as both you and your recruits are on board at Realty Dynamics. This is not just a recruiting bonus – it can become a recruiting retirement annuity.

… and if that’s not enough, you can earn referral commission splits that YOU negotiate with other agents at Realty Dynamics that you recruited. Its simple! When you decide to pass on leads you don’t want to work to other agents you have recruited at Realty Dynamics you get paid a portion of the commission your recruit earns.


Work as much or a little as you’d like. Work seasonally if you want to spend your winters in a warm climate. Take time to travel or pursue any activities that until now its been hard to find time for. When buyers or sellers come to you, you can chose to work with them yourself or refer them to someone in our office and collect a referral percentage that YOU negotiate!

Do you have trusted associates that you’d prefer to give your referral to? Have them join us too – most likely they will enjoy greater earnings and more freedom here as well!

80% to 98% commissions when you want them, referral income when you don’t and a solid income stream created from recruiting sales of people that you bring to our office.

Full Retirement:
Best of all, if you keep your license active with Realty Dynamics for at least two years and then retire, we will continue to pay the recruiting benefit for the rest of your life for all transactions completed by your recruits. You can even continue to recruit people after you retire and their transactions will add to your recruiting income. Add continuing referral income from business leads that you can pass on to your established agent(s) at Realty Dynamics … and you have a rock solid way to continue income indefinitely!

Realty Dynamics WILL help you!