We previewed a wholesale property a while ago that we found very interesting. It’s a 1950’s two story colonial. Overall in pretty fair condition, but another example of a rehab gone bad. The rehaber was trying to bring in today’s more popular open concept design to the first floor living area. First impression – unique and very interesting! But there were a few things that raised our eyebrows.

Opening up a load bearing wall was the key to creating a new open space. But, guess what? – not an ounce of understanding that if the 2nd floor would no longer be supported by the wall, it would have to be supported by something!

Here’s what’s cool! We found out that, at least in this case, if you take out the load bearing wall of a house, it does not necessarily mean imminent collapse! 🙂 We always wondered about that! In fact, this place was looking pretty good – just a few small crack in the drywall!

We always thought that if you cut out a load bearing wall you’d better run for your life! So we did learn something here – sometimes the house comes down immediately – sometimes it needs a year or two!

Then we looked in the basement and realized that to create the open concept, the rehabber decided that the 1st floor half bath was in the way too! So that ended up in the dumpster along with the wall! We know that in this neighborhood a 1-1/2 bath home sells for $13K – $14K more than a one bath home. Oops!

This rehabber was pretty fortunate, all things considered. The second floor is still up there and the problem can be fixed. We’re pretty sure the 1/2 bath needs to go back in too, but – well, at least it will be new! 🙂

We love to work with rehabbers. We’d like to see you add value – not subtract it!

We can be your resource, your partner or both. Have a question about a wall – not sure if it’s load bearing or not?  We can help; just give us a call or contact us.

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