Chimney Saddle


A small tent shape behind a chimney on a sloped roof to divert water to each side and around the chimney.

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Stepped Gable


A stair step type of design at the top sides of a gable. The roof attaches behind the gable rather than resting on top of it; a common element in Flemish architecture.

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Standing Seam Roof


A very durable roof made of long metal panels that are attached to the roof with hidden clips located under the standing seams.

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Shed Roof


A roof with a single pitch; usually found on a projection from a home’s first floor such as a porch, or on an addition to the second floor of a Cape Cod style home. Also: Shed Dormer

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The bottom part of an eave that is between the fascia and the wall.  Also: Fascia, Eave




An opening in a parapet wall of a building to allow water to run off the roof; refers also to the catch or funnel attached to the wall at the opening to which downspout is then connected to carry rain water away.


Shed Dormer


A dormer projecting through a roof where the roof on the dormer is sloped in the same direction as the surrounding roof, but has a shallow pitch. For example the main roof might be a 10:12 pitch and the roof of the shed dormer is a 2:12 pitch. Also: Roof Pitch

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Saw Tooth Roof


A roof that is made up of a series of ridges with different pitches on each side. The steeper side is typically glazed (includes windows) to let in natural light. In Wisconsin the orientation of the roof will determine the character of the light allowed into the space. If the purpose is to add sunlight, the [...]

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Roof Pitch


The angle of slope of a roof. Pitch is expressed as a ratio of vertical units to horizontal units. For example, a 12:12 pitch roof rises 12 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontally. This is a common pitch for a cape code style roof. A 4:12 (or sometimes said “4 in 12 pitch”) would be [...]

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Roof Scuttle


Small roof access opening often with a hinged lid and equipped with a vertical access ladder.

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