Trench Drain


A type of floor or exterior drain characterized by a long narrow channel covered with a grille or grate; often located in garage floors or outside garage doors. Trench drains are also commonly used in exterior applications to channel water away from patios and driveways.

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Palmer Valve


A check valve for drain tile allowing water to empty into the floor drain pipe just below the floor drain. Commonly found when a house does not have a sump pump.

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Nominal Dimension


A word used in reference to dimensions to indicate that it is approximate; often used in stating pipe and fitting dimension.

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Mound System


An alternative to the traditional septic system leach field; an engineered leaching field used in areas of Wisconsin where septic systems are prone to failure due to having extremely impermeable soils and/or soils that have a high seasonal water table. If the soil permeability is too low, liquid is not absorbed fast enough, resulting in surface [...]

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Hose Bib


The faucet on the outside of a building to which a garden hose can be attached.

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French Drain


A trench filled with washed stone and usually containing a perforated pipe. Water entering the drain will enter the pipe and be carried away. A French drain may be lined, as shown in this picture to better capture water. It may be exposed at its top or buried. Drain tile is placed in a French drain [...]

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Fire Loop


An underground water pipe with fire hydrants usually following a roadway in a development or subdivision.

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Drain Tile


A perforated pipe placed in a bed and covered with clear stone designed to channel water away from a foundation. The drain tile will either enter the municipality’s storm sewer system through a palmer valve located inside of the basement floor drain. This is typical in the City of Milwaukee and as a result, homes generally [...]

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