An architectural structure often used to support plants. May also be used to refer to an arbor or a pergola. Also: Arbor, Pergola


Trench Drain


A type of floor or exterior drain characterized by a long narrow channel covered with a grille or grate; often located in garage floors or outside garage doors. Trench drains are also commonly used in exterior applications to channel water away from patios and driveways.

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A shallow depression, typically long and narrow. Swales are usually cut in along both sides of a country profile road to collect water from the road and keep water run-off from surrounding land from running over the road surface.




A garden structure that has supporting vertical posts with rafters across the top. These are usually open and flat, running at regular intervals horizontally across the structure and supported by side rafters. The sides are typically square or rectangular in shape and they have straight lines. Also: Arbor, Trellis




A pavilion structure often in a park or back yard; most often octagonal is shape, but can range from six sides to fully round; may include railings, gingerbread details and/or screening.


French Drain


A trench filled with washed stone and usually containing a perforated pipe. Water entering the drain will enter the pipe and be carried away. A French drain may be lined, as shown in this picture to better capture water. It may be exposed at its top or buried. Drain tile is placed in a French drain [...]

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Drain Tile


A perforated pipe placed in a bed and covered with clear stone designed to channel water away from a foundation. The drain tile will either enter the municipality’s storm sewer system through a palmer valve located inside of the basement floor drain. This is typical in the City of Milwaukee and as a result, homes generally [...]

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Curb Cut


1) A cut-out section of a street curb for a driveway. 2) A small ramp built into the curb of a sidewalk to ease passage to the street, especially for bicyclists, pedestrians with baby carriages, and physically disabled people. 3) A small cut out section of a street curb to allow for water drainage.

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A landscape structure that usually goes over a path or walkway or a small bench; similar to a pergola, but of a smaller scale. Also: Trellis

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