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Waukesha County's Waukesha Real Estate Sold by Realty DynamicsSpring City is its nickname when, in another time, people came for its healing waters. Times have changed and the healing waters are no more, but Waukesha today is a progressive community that has rejuvenated its quaint downtown, replaced its aging neighborhoods and restored its riverfront to a beautiful urban oasis. But frankly, there has always been a question in many people’s mind about Waukesha -”Who laid out the streets?” Rumor has it that they were built on deer trails and many, including this writer, agree that might just explain it! Never mind though. With today’s GPS technology, navigating Waukesha is not the challenge that it used to be.

The City of Waukesha is the 7th largest city in Wisconsin and has southeastern Wisconsin’s 2nd largest airport with take-off and landings capabilities for small jet aircraft. The city is the commercial hub of Waukesha County and is also the County seat. Jobs in Waukesha are abundant and convenient access to Milwaukee and all that lake country has to offer as well. From old city neighborhoods to new quiet suburbs, Waukesha homes are great, and don’t forget about the wide selection of condos in Waukesha as well.