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Milwaukee County's Greenfield Real Estate Sold by Realty DynamicsWith a complex boundary, a character very much like all of its neighboring communities and the fact that it has no city center, it’s not so easy to know when you’re in Greenfield. Here’s a clue: when the street signs look different, you just entered or exited Greenfield! Greenfield actually begins on 124th Street to the west and ends on 27th Street on the east. Layton is its main east-west street and I-43 from the Hale interchange east bisects the community north to south.

Generally speaking home prices increase as you travel west in Greenfield. Parents of school age children should be aware that Greenfield is part of three school districts. Make sure you know which district your prospective home or condo is in before submitting an offer to purchase. The majority of homes here are priced within reach of first time home buyers. Greenfield also has a fairly large inventory of condominiums, in fact it likely has more than any other community in the southwestern part of Milwaukee County.