Milwaukee County's Greendale Real Estate Sold by Realty DynamicsWhat does Greendale have in common with Greenbelt, Maryland and Greenhill, Ohio? Few people know it, but these three communities were all planned at the same time back in 1935 as part of the “New Deal” public works program intended to help the country out of the depression. Greendale’s city center and neighborhoods of locally famous “Greendale originals” were built by the federal government. You’ll find almost no through streets here – all by design. In older neighborhoods it’s possible to walk a long way to the business district and never cross a street – all by design. Its original core was a planned community.

With the exception of Loomis Rd. there are no busy streets in town. Greendale is truly a unique community in Milwaukee County. Residents enjoy easy access to one of the County’s major shopping districts that includes Southridge Mall. The most affordable areas are east of 76th Street. Overlook Farms and Overlook West subdivisions located west of 76th Street are newer, deeper in character and often higher in price.

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