Buyer's Agent Agreement Form - Realty DynamicsSome people think that signing on a broker to help them buy real estate is unnecessary. They can get the assistance needed from any realtor free and without obligation. Some people wonder: Why pay for something you can get for free? Why obligate yourself? Some skeptics even think it’s just a tactic real estate agents use to try to secure an opportunity to earn a commission. Here are a few facts –

#1 – A buyer very rarely pays for the service of a Buyer’s Agent. At Realty Dynamics we’ve never asked to be paid by a buyer client. Call us; we’d be glad to give you the details.

#2 – A buyer cannot get the services available under a Buyer’s Agency from any realtor ever! The heart of a buyer’s agency relationship is that the agent represents the buyer. Without a Buyer’s Agent relationship, by law, every agent you talk with represents the seller. You can get assistance, but not representation.

#3 – With a Buyer’s Agent there is no obligation to buy, only an agreement to having a knowledgeable broker working for you. Having an agent on your team can make a BIG difference and when making a BIG purchase, we hope you’ll take the time to learn about this valuable option for buyers.