Realty Dynamics is The Real Deal

What does that mean? Simply put, The Real Deal is the commitment to excellence we make to our clients and agents.

Every business starts with a strong foundation.  Glenn and Ben Gohlke, a father – son team, started Realty Dynamics in 2004 with a vision to open a brokerage with a different approach to the business.  If you start with a foundation of well trained professionals and focus on treating them with great respect, add in a great training program and the ability to have ideas outside of the box, it leads to a happy culture.  The side effect of this is agents that can provide our clients with the best service around.

Milwaukee Riverwalk - Realty Dynamics

Glenn was from the corporate world and was taking on a new adventure.  He knew what a great training program would take to implement.  He created a training program that includes all you need to know about real estate and a personal mentor is provided.  Everything at your fingertips or a phone call away.  Our mentoring program is a step above others training.  Our training program is what enables us to provide our clients with the top-notch service and quality results.

Ben was the visionary, with real estate experience and a vision to make Realty Dynamics truly different.  Ben’s goal was to provide marketing and client/agent support that thinks outside of the box.  His other goal is to provide the clients with a consultative approach, to never get comfortable with the status quo.  Ben not only wants to stay on top of trends but also stay ahead of them.

As time went on and agents began working at RD. Mike and Renee Larson came on board.  Mike quickly became the top sales agent.  Renee helped with recruiting and office management.  They immediately realized the difference in this company.  It wasn’t only about the bottom line it was all about the clients and the agents. They knew they have found their brokerage for the rest of their career. In 2016, Mike and Renee Larson become partners. They embrace the vision started with Glenn and Ben and promote it when dealing with every client and agent.

Realty Dynamics is about leaving a legacy of greatness.  Not greatness of money but of a company that gives clients the best experience.  Clients that always feel like RD gave them a home or helped them leave a home.  A workplace for agents that truly feels like a family.

We can’t wait to meet you.


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