Snow, Snow and more snow.  As I look out the window and see it snowing, it is hard to think about buying or selling houses.  In Wisconsin, we are used to snow and the fact that it is going to snow for 3 days is not big deal to us. The fact remains that it does not encourage the business of real estate.  BUT it really is time to start thinking about getting your house ready for the spring market.  Or get your ducks in a row to be a competitive buyer.  I know that in the ever advancing world of technology it is easier and easier to sell your house on your own.  I love the saying it is easy to sell your house until it’s not.  There are so many reasons to hire a realtor, we really do know the ins and outs of selling and buying homes. I encourage everyone to talk to realtor and see what they can offer.  We are here to help and make the process smooth.  So, give us a call to get your house on the market or help you become a competitive buyer.